Wendsday the 1st of November!

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It is still summer in the air.

Woke up this morning a little bit too late! Love to take a Powerwalk BEFORE breakfast….to clear my mind and to boost my energy! My body needs it!!

One hour is like walking in heaven….meditation…with just the sounds of the forest….and the the waves from the sea! Just me…..with my own thoughts!

Home…..EATING! Take the car and pick up some more plants/palms to the garden, at the garden-center nearby Azoia! Best place ever….if you seeking something rare..

Back home….did some LUNCH, with Halloumi and some sallad!

Later in the afternoon….I drove to the stable, to check and feed the horses! Is a joy to work there…..but you can not get a better workout….and I will tell you why…some other time.

Took the care….ones more….and head down to Cascais, for a meeting! Went well, and the result will show up later on….both in photos and video!

The rest of the day….or evening…..I spend trying to work at the layout of this Website. Some parts are not working…..AT ALL….like the INSTAGRAM feed. Can´t understand why…and tomorrow I will have a closer look…

I just want to do some changes, with more photos, and also adding videos….

But now it is late…have to stop writing! See you tomorrow….

Sleep tight!

// ACE


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...Levnadsglad tjej, med många strängar på sin lyra, som genom denna blog vill inspirera andra till ett liv fullt av möjligheter!!

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